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fairtrade inspires ... trade + a little aid

Founded in 2004 "fairtrade inspires" is based in Belfast selling the widest range of fair trade products in Belfast. We are a not for profit organisation run mainly by volunteers, all with a passion for a fairer world.

So what do we stock?

Big name brands such as People Tree, Epona and Gossypium as well as lesser known fairtrade clothing ranges such as Bishopston Trading - but it's not just clothing we stock.

We have a small shop dedicated to fairtrade jewellery & bags, with items to suit every price range. Fairtrade silver right down to friendship bracelets.

Like a bite to eat or a drink to get you going? Fairtrade teas, coffees and hot chocolate can be found in our main fairtrade shop along side flavoured teas, everyday teas and loose-leaf tea available in big bags to small boxes. Rich instant coffee, exotic filter coffee and decaffinated coffee brought to you in big tins or small jars to suit your needs. Have a sweet tooth? We stock a wide selection of fairtrade chocolates including "Divine's" butterscotch, hazlenut, mint, raspberry white chocolate and new 85% cocoa bars...the list really does go on and on. However, for the health concious amongst us luckily its not just sweet stuff we sell, we also stock a range of fairtrade nuts, dried fruit, rice, cereals and breakfast bars.

Nearing a special occasion requiring a card? We have a selection of handmade cards at very reasonable prices available in a wide selection of styles.

Have children to buy for? Our range of "Little Green Radicals" babygros and t-shirts for kids is unmatched in Belfast, with fun logos & slogans to match. Some of our favourites are "I Recycle my Tantrums" and "Wind Farm". All made with organic cotton which doesn't contain residual pesticides which may be harmful not only to your baby or child's skin, but also to the hard working producers....and of course none of our products involve the use of child labour.

Alternatively, we also stock a wide range of toys. From hand-painted wooden jigsaws to hand-painted bookends and playsets, teddies and dolls, to our incredible puzzle boxes - you won't be able to open them, unless you know how!

There are also a range of gifts suitable for the more sophisticated amongst us - for yourself or for someone else. Ornaments, wind chimes, bookends and tableware to name but a few. The range available really is much bigger than most people believe.


  • If you disagree with child labour, buy fairtrade.

  • If you disagree with unsafe work conditions, buy fairtrade.

  • If you agree with paying workers a fair price for their hard work, buy fairtrade.

It really does make a difference!

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Want to know more?

Call in, see us, have a chat and pick up some fair trade information leaflets. We have moved out of the Spires Shopping Mall but can be found in St. George's Market, 9:30 to 15:00 every Friday.

Alternatively, visit the fairtrade foundation website who host a wealth of information on fairtrade along with resources freely available for you and your events such as short video clips and informtion leaflets.